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More than half of our products are custom made. Click here to view some of our most recent customized instruments developed for geotechnical applications.

MTCM - Mine Tunnel Closure Station

The MTCM - Mine Tunnel Closure Station measures, displays,
logs and graphs mine tunnel convergence based on a linear
potentiometer sensor. Click HERE for more info.

Digital MEMS Inclinometer System

For measuring any lateral movement down in the earth, via inclinometer casing, the Digital MEMS Inclinometer System from RST Instruments Ltd. was the first, and is still the best, Digital MEMS Inclinometer System available. Click HERE for more info.

Liquid Settlement System De-airing Unit

Quickly and efficiently return a Liquid Settlement System to its original de-aired condition with the D Aerator SS6000.
Click HERE for more info.



A one-day workshop with presentations, discussions, and question and answer periods involving 14 invited industry experts covering currently available and emerging technologies in monitoring, including recent developments in geotechnical instrumentation, distributed fiber optic sensing for seepage and strain monitoring, data acquisition systems, digital sensor arrays, surveillance data presentation using 3D GIS, global electromagnetic survey, laser airborne survey, bathymetric multibeam and sidescan sonar; and surface position measurement technologies such as terrestrial 3D laser scanning, space borne Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), ground based radar and SAR as well as automated total stations and GPS.

The format for the workshop will be 14 presentations of 25 minutes each, including Q&As, plus 4 additional open discussion periods of 15 minutes each.

DATE: Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014

TIME: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

LOCATION: A pre-conference workshop at the 2014  Annual Conference of the Canadian Dam Association (CDA),  in Banff, AB

Pierre Choquet, RST Instruments Ltd.
Gordon Anderlini, BC Hydro

AGENDA: Click here.

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